There are many custom sneaker releases made by independent artists happening every week, so it’s pretty easy to unnotice what’s even come out. Fortunately, Instagram helps us by saving their amazing artwork!

This week, our selection of 5 unique kicks contains creations by Huy Customs, Born OriginalsKendra’s Customs, Kickasso and The Flying Hawk Studio. If you got interested in these handcrafted models, just direct message their pages.


1. Adidas Yeezy ‘Life’s a Beach’

Huy Customs – Adidas Yeezy ‘Life’s a Beach’

2. Fendi ‘Vibes’

Born Originals – Fendi ‘Vibes’

3. Vans ‘Roses’

Kendra’s Customs – Vans ‘Roses’

4. Vans ‘Splatter’

Kickasso – Vans ‘Splatter’

5. Nike Cortez ‘Koinbori’

The Flying Hawk Studio – Nike Cortez ‘Koinbori’